Shepherd's Tent Ministries was formed in the year 2000 by Dr. Fred Campbell and his late wife Joyce. They built Shepherd's Tent Ministries with the intention of providing support to Pastors, Ministers and their families. Annually, Shepherd's Tent Ministries held conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area that promoted healthy ministries and families. Upon becoming President of the California State Baptist Convention, Dr. Campbell placed his energy on the Convention being a resource to churches under the mantra of Building Healthy Churches. Dr. Campbell was burdened by the need of church members and ministry leaders to become not only more literate in the Word of God but to live with conviction and certainty on the reliability, revelation, relevancy of the Word of God. In 2006 the National Bible Conference was born. Sponsored by the California State Baptist Convention is brought in world-renown Biblical scholar/preachers and counted people throughout the country as it's attendees.

Years after the completion of his tenure, Dr. Campbell, continued to feel the need of the Body of Christ to go deeper in the Word of God and in 2013 Shepherd's Tent Ministries hosted the Word Conference.


About Dr. Fred Campbell

Dr. Fred Campbell is a Los Angeles native with a passion for seeing God’s people grow, becoming mature disciples of Christ and impacting change in their homes, community and the world. Campbell has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years and has been privileged to use his gift throughout the country as a preacher, lecturer, adviser and denominational leader. He has proudly served as pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church for 40 years, a growing, diverse, bible-centered congregation located in the San Francisco Bay Area.